Chairman | THE ARTS SOCIETY WEYBRIDGE (formerly Weybridge Decorative & Fine Arts Society)


1. Society
a. Maintain overall management of TASW.
b. Ensure ongoing future of TASW.
c. Promote TASW and its aims.
d. Establish and maintain Constitution and Rules for TASW.

2. Officers
a. Call and Chair meetings of Officers, as required.
b. Act as signatory on financial documents, as required.
c. Hold backup information for Treasurer, as agreed

3. Committee
a. Establish and maintain effective Committee.
b. Chair (or nominate delegate) all monthly meetings of the Committee.
c. Approve Agenda, Minutes, etc for circulation prior to Committee Meetings.
d. Stand in or find a stand-in for any committee member in an emergency.
e. Ensure and promote good relationships between Committee Members.
f. Plan succession for all Committee Members
g. Attend sub-committee meetings as appropriate.

4. Lectures/other Events
a. Where practicable attend all Lecture Meetings and all other Events (as appropriate).
b. Chair, or delegate, running of all Lecture Meetings and host invited guests.
c. Ensure management of all visits, special interest days and social events.
d. Hold key to equipment storage at WV Hall.

5. Membership
a. Ensure programme of lectures and events prepared in time for membership renewal mailing.
b. Promote opportunities for Members to integrate/socialise.

6. AGM
a. Ensure constitutional requirements are met in respect of AGM.
b. Chair AGM

a. Head Office
i. Where practicable represent TASW at AGM with accompanying Committee Member.
ii. Where practicable attend all other TAS meetings as appropriate, or send delegate.
iii. As appropriate, circulate all correspondence received to Committee Members and respond with comments as required.
b. West Surrey Area
i. Where practicable attend all meetings as appropriate, or send delegate, and represent TASW Committee and Members' views.
ii. Build ties with and promote good relationships between other local societies.

(revised Oct 2017)