Membership Secretary | THE ARTS SOCIETY WEYBRIDGE (formerly Weybridge Decorative & Fine Arts Society)



• Keeping a record of all members of the Society on a computer data base( copy of backup data with Treasurer).

• Keeping a record of all applicants wishing to join the Society (the Waiting List) on a computer data base.

• Ensuring that Data protection legislation is complied with.  

• Annually sending out subscription reminders and collecting subscriptions from all members wishing to renew.

• Producing labels for all mailings to the Society's members, and to those on the Waiting List when necessary.

• Providing NADFAS with mailing list details of members for their mailings.

• Annually providing Committee Members with an up to date Membership List.

• Organising the reception desk at monthly lectures, including attendance lists.

• Arranging distribution to members of Programme/Membership cards and NADFAS membership cards (membership cards usually sent out with programme cards).

DUTIES - New Members

• Take 'phone enquiries re membership, advising there is currently a Waiting List.

• If requested, send out Waiting List application form, and when form returned with Registration Fee, enter all details on the Waiting List data base, passing cheque to the Treasurer with details.

• As appropriate (normally following subscription renewal) suggest to Committee a certain number on the Waiting List be offered membership, and if agreed approach those at the top of the Waiting List, and send forms to those wishing to join.

• When forms returned with cheques, enter all details on the Membership data base, pass cheques and names to Treasurer, and send welcome pack to new member:

◦ Letter of welcome from the Chairman
WDFAS Information leaflet (to be updated as required)
Programme/Membership card for current year

• Print out new list of members and give to Committee Members.

DUTIES - Yearly Action List

• Feb: Print labels for mailing of newsletter (if one is to be sent to members).

• July: Send current list of members' names and addresses to NADFAS House by 1st July.

• July: Submit membership renewal letter from membership secretary to committee

• July: Print labels for Secretary for AGM document mailing by 31st July.

• July: Print membership renewal letter and post to members (strike out details for Warden and Wife who are honorary members)

• September: Print labels for distribution of next year's programme / membership card.

• November: At November lecture hand out programme / membership cards to members who have paid their renewal subscription (inc. Warden and wife) posting those not collected.

• October: 29th October - Final date for receipt of outstanding subscriptions

• November: Apply to NADFAS House for NADFAS membership cards for following year.

• December: Send current list of members' names and addresses to NADFAS House by 1 Dec.

DUTIES - General

• At Committee Meetings report current membership, waiting list and attendance figures.

• Ensure new members welcomed at meetings, ie mark on attendance lists.