Programme Secretary | THE ARTS SOCIETY WEYBRIDGE (formerly Weybridge Decorative & Fine Arts Society)



Early November: Ask committee members (if they wish) to look online for lecture ideas for programme of lectures for our year commencing 14 months later. Circulate directory to committee members who prefer not to look at the directory online, but in paper format.

December: Final date for directories and suggestions to be received from committee members.


Discuss with committee ideas for programme for year starting the following January.


Make bookings with lecturers as follows in line with NADFAS guidelines which emphasise vital importance of good communications between society and lecturers at outset to avoid later misunderstandings. Think about the December booking first; there are few “Christmas” lectures, some are tacky, and the few lecturers who give “Christmas” lectures get very booked up. It is possible to book only lectures that have been highly rated by other Societies in our area; but if every Programme Secretary did this, no new lecturers would ever get a chance to lecture. Consider leaving two dates towards the end of the year blank, to use to book new lecturers seen at NADFAS Directory Day; being new lecturers they will not have many bookings so should have good availability.

• Telephone (or failing which email) to establish initial contact

• Discuss fully with lecturer the day, date, time and subject of the lecture. Ask lecturer how other societies have received particular lectures they have given.

• Discuss if there is any intention of link with an outing / gallery visit or to link lecturer’s talk with other lectures. However usually we are booking so far ahead (9-21 months ahead) that exhibitions for the date of the lecture have not been announced, as exhibitions are generally not announced until they are fully funded, and this is often quite shortly before their start date.

• Negotiate the fee to be charged and whether the lecturer is VAT liable. The fees charged by lecturers are shown in the online directory. Put cap on travel expenses for lecturers travelling long distances.

• Travel arrangements MUST be discussed and entered on the booking form so that lecturers know the length of journeys from home or central location. Establish exactly what your society is prepared to pay or on what basis payment is to be made. Ascertain if the lecturer needs to be put up overnight and indicate this on the booking form.

• As soon as all the details are confirmed, send the completed and signed NADFAS lecture booking form in duplicate with an SAE for the return of the top copy. Also send the lecturer a print of the “Information for Lecturers” page of our website which informs the lecturer of our location and the equipment available. You must NOT leave lecturers with unconfirmed dates. Include mobile number of a contact, as well as that of another committee member. Ensure that all booking forms have our special conditions attached.

• On the return of the top copy check thoroughly. Nothing should have been altered without discussion and agreement. File for society records.


• Give a copy of all completed booking forms to the second named committee member on the form, or scan them and save online.

• Have available a list of lecturers who can attend at short notice. Emergency lecture disk is available in audio / visual box.

• Also give Treasurer list of speakers' fees for the year. Consider giving all committee members a complete list covering name of each speaker, mode of travel and fee.

• Give copies of next year's programme to committee when all lecturers booked.


Attend NADFAS directory meeting. Make contact with the chosen lecturers; note interesting new lecturers; take note of new lectures offered by established lecturers. Making contact is best done immediately after the morning session whilst most delegates are having lunch. Note that NADFAS Directory Day gives no indication of the quality of lectures (though all lecturers can attain a basic NADFAS standard); NADFAS does not disclose lecturer approval ratings to Societies, only to the lecturers. Also attend Area Programme Secretaries Day which crucially gives details of the quality of individual lectures given to other member societies, and is therefore more useful for bookings.


Work on the preparation and printing of programme card, so it has been proof-read by the committee, and printed, and prints are with the Membership Secretary by first week of November for distribution to members at the November lecture meeting.


Four / six weeks beforehand contact lecturer:

  • Confirm travel arrangements by email. Ask lecturer to bring bank account details for payment by direct bank transfer, and memory stick (and backup memory stick).

  • Provide train times by email, arrange to meet at Walton-on-Thames station if lecturer is arriving by train. Stress that, if travelling by train, the lecturer should travel to Walton-on-Thames (not Weybridge) station.

  • Refer lecturer to website “Information for Lecturers” page which has venue location maps etc. which can be printed out.

  • Advise Audio Visual of lecturer’s requirements as stated on the booking form.

  • Check whether lecturer would like to stay for lunch. Advise Meeting Arrangements committee member.

  • Before lecture, ensure you have available a copy of the booking form (in case of queries on fees etc) and the lecturer’s mobile phone number (in case lecturer does not arrive when or where expected).

  • Act as host to lecturer for whole of visit from arrival to departure and ensure:

  • Coffee is offered

  • Cloakroom location is indicated

  • Audio Visual and lecturer are introduced, and Treasurer and lecturer are introduced to sort direct bank payment of lecturer’s fee

  • Lecturer has time on their own before lecture starts

  • Lighting sequence preferred is checked with lecturer

  • That memory stick is returned to lecturer.

  • Lecturer is escorted to lunch


Keep and update list of lecturers and their subjects covered since inauguration, and list of lecturers and their ratings.
Keep copies of all correspondence with Lecturers.