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Special Interest Days are generally held twice a year.  They can be a follow up to a lecture or an independent subject, and can be either:-

a. A full day outing by coach to a place of special interest, often including a lecture, with a break for lunch.  The Visits Organiser’s procedure should be followed when organising this type of event (copy attached).

b. A study day in a hall with lecture or slides, and coffee, light lunch etc provided.  The Riverhouse is currently used for these events, when the procedure is:-

1. Bring suggestions to the Committee and once subject and date agreed, book Lecturer and send Booking Form, requesting details of material for Notice Board, and ensure Booking Form is returned.

2. Book the Riverhouse (Maximum number….) and confirm in writing, with       deposit required, and advise if tables required with number and size, and layout of seating etc.

3. Arrange catering for the day – coffee, light lunch etc.

4. Work out costing for the day, keeping Treasurer advised, and bring costings to the Committee.

5. If  Projectionist required, arrange with Audio Visual, and check availability when fixing date.

6. Check car parking available for all those attending.  Arrange space near        entrance for visiting Lecturer.

7. Type up an information sheet for the day including information about the lecturer, the subject, programme and cost.  State clearly that if members’ own items are to be brought to the lecture, our insurance does not cover them, and mention if only one item allowed.  Include map of location of the Riverhouse on sheet.

8. At two previous lecture meetings before the event, display material to promote day on notice board, and sell places, giving information sheet to members as a receipt for booking made.  Where possible, ask members to pay by cheque. Record names and cheques/cash received and pass amounts to Treasurer.

9. Include Cancellation Notice on information sheet and keep Standby List.

10. Reconfirm all hall and catering arrangements near to date.

11. Four weeks beforehand, contact Lecturer:-

i. Confirm travel arrangements.

ii. Provide train times if necessary, advising Walton station (not Weybridge) and meet at station if required.

iii. Provide map of location of the Riverhouse.

iv. Check whether overnight accommodation required.

v. Confirm equipment is as required, ie. if slides used whether pointer is required.

vi. Exchange mobile telephone numbers.

vii. Ask if Lecturer requires assistance with unloading equipment, and if so, arrange for a Member of committee to assist.

c. Confirm all these arrangements in writing.

12. Take phone calls from members wishing to attend and if oversubscribed, keep Standby List with telephone numbers.

13. For cancellation Procedure, see details on current list of Significant Decisions.

14. Maintain alphabetical list of members attending.

15. Ensure all attending know arrangements for the day, and provide name badges for Committee Members attending.

16. On the day – check all facilities at the Riverhouse ie. that tables required are available and chair layout correct, water for Lecturer, reserved parking space etc.


Keep and update List of Events arranged, including dates, since inauguration of WDFAS in 2000.