Secretary | THE ARTS SOCIETY WEYBRIDGE (formerly Weybridge Decorative & Fine Arts Society)



a. Take minutes of monthly committee meetings, pass to Chairman for approval together with suggested agenda for next meeting. NADFAS guidelines for taking minutes attached.

b. Email agenda and minutes to all committee members in good time for next meeting together with other relevant papers.

c. Produce / circulate following papers for committee meetings / committee members:

i. January: Action list for current year

ii. February: Updated list of significant decisions and Job descriptions for committee members, updated as jobs evolve

iii. June: Draft Chairman’s procedure for AGM and Draft agenda for AGM

iv. July: Final Chairman’s procedure for AGM and Final agenda for AGM

v. September: Committee meeting dates for following year

d. Update and circulate list of committee members as required

e. When a new member joins the committee, send new committee member membership pack:

i. Names, addresses etc of current members of the committee

ii. Significant decisions of the committee and risk management document

iii. Action list for current year

iv. Current membership list and waiting list, if appropriate (obtained from membership secretary)

v. Job descriptions (general committee member and specific role)

vi. Copy of the constitution

vii. Statement of mutual obligation (see NADFAS handbook)


a. Produce AGM documents as listed above.

b. Obtain names of proposers and seconders for those members of the committee standing for election, and insert in the AGM procedure.

c. Obtain names of proposer and seconder for approval of the previous year’s AGM minutes, and insert in the AGM procedure.

d. Take minutes of AGM, present to committee meeting following the AGM and, once approved, file ready for circulation to membership with AGM mailing for the following year.


a. At monthly lecture meetings sell tickets for coffee sales (with one helper)

b. Accompany visits organiser and special interest days organiser, as required, when making exploratory visits to venues.

c. Assist as required at visits, special interest days and extended visit

d. Deal with telephone enquiries as received. Note – all membership enquiries should be referred to the membership secretary.

e. Act as signatory on financial documents, as required.

f. Ensure that the significant decisions of the committee are followed.

(revised Jan 2010)