Treasurer | THE ARTS SOCIETY WEYBRIDGE (formerly Weybridge Decorative & Fine Arts Society)


1. Responsibilities

a. Keeping the accounting records of the Society.

b. Keeping the bank account(s) of the Society.

c. Keeping the asset record of the Society.

d. Preparing an annual budget of income and expenditure and cash flow.

e. Preparing annual accounts for the year to 30 June.

f. Arranging for the Examiner to audit the annual accounts and certify them.

g. Administering the procedures relating to Gift Aid.

2. Job Description

a. Receive all cash and cheques due to the Society and lodge them in the Society bank account(s) from time to time.

b. Arrange bank transfers or prepare cheques for amounts due by the Society and ensure that each cheque is signed by two of the authorised signatories for the respective bank account.

c. Make transfers between current and deposit bank accounts to meet the cash flow needs of the Society.

d. Record all of the above transactions in the Society's books of account and, where possible, support each with appropriate documentation for audit purposes.

e. Report at Committee Meetings on financial matters including bank and cash balances and, from time to time for example, on comparisons of actual income and expenditure and cash flow compared with budget and the surplus or deficit of various events organised by the Committee.

f. Advise the Committee on the level of subscription which should be charged for the next membership year.

g. Ask all members of committee to submit details of expense claims on a regular basis and particularly ensure that, as far as possible, the annual accounts for a year to 30 June include all expenses due up to that date.

h. Prepare annual accounts for each year to 30 June and have them examined and certified by the Examiner to meet the timetable for the Annual General Meeting of the Society.

i. Check the draft printed accounts prior to being sent out with the AGM papers to members.

j. Arrange for a cash float to be available at each meeting to enable change to be given to members for the purchase of coffee.

k. Arrange bank transfers to pay for hall hire charges, and the cost of coffee sold to members, lecturer’s fees and expenses, or have a cheque book available at the meeting to pay the lecturer.

l. Arrange bank transfers to pay expenses of visits, extended visits, study days and, where necessary, other NADFAS events and meetings, or issue cheques to pay for costs which might arise in connection with these events.

m. Agree with the committee the types of expense which can be charged and a specific amount if necessary and record as a significant decision.

n. Prepare and email to Committee Members a standard form for claiming expenses incurred in connection with their duties as members of the committee and for expenses in connection with visits and special interest days.

o. Agree with the organisers of visits and study days each costing prior to the announcements.

p. Claim Gift Aid Administration Fee annually from NADFAS House.

3. Name Badges for Committee Members:

Arrange for a name badge to be prepared for each Committee Member.

(revised Mar 2017)