Visits | THE ARTS SOCIETY WEYBRIDGE (formerly Weybridge Decorative & Fine Arts Society)


1. Decide on possible future visits if necessary with assistance of Programme Secretary and Special Interest Days Officer, and bring to Committee at the November meeting.

2. Check that parking facility is available on chosen date. Discuss with Committee if there is a parking problem.

3. Check with NADFAS House whether there is a module available for the intended visit.   (NADFAS Guidelines for Organising a Visit attached, if required).

4. Make visit to chosen venue to find out admission details, costs, tour information, refreshment facilities, toilets, etc, and make provisional bookings on agreed date. Always make this visit with another Committee member so that in emergency (ie illness of Visits Officer) someone else always knows the arrangements.

5. Contact coach operators and obtain quotations and probable timings.

6. Write to administrator to confirm arrangements.

7. Write to coach operator to confirm booking.   Send advice invoice to Treasurer.

8. Work out costing for visit and obtain sanction of Treasurer.

9. Draw up fact sheet for visit, print and copy, and send to successful applicants as receipt. This must always include cancellation procedure to be followed. Notify unsuccessful applicants that they are on a standby list.

10. Make duplicate list of all cheques and cash received, one for the file and one for passing to the Treasurer together with cheques and cash.
Diets - Make a note of any special requirements.
Mobility - Be aware of any problems in the venue.

11. If the visit is a theatre visit, when taking bookings make a note of any seating requests, but mentioning that they cannot be guaranteed.   Note that there is a different procedure regarding cancellations for theatre visits.

12. Keep reserve list with telephone numbers.

13. Reconfirm all arrangements near date of visit.

14. Take phone calls from members:

a. Wishing to go on visit

b. Wishing to go on standby list.

c. Withdrawing from visit.

15. Maintain alphabetical list of members going on visit.

16. Make phone calls to members on standby list when cancellation notified.

17. On the day of visit, check people both on and off coach.

18. Ensure everyone knows arrangements on the day of visit.

19. Ensure money available on day to pay:

a. Admission and tour costs

b. Gratuity to coach driver

20. Submit expense claim to Treasurer for initial research visit for own expenses and those of accompanying Committee Member. At present 40p car mileage and £5 (half day) or £10 (full day) subsistence.

21. In Jan – Feb following visit, send report form to NADFAS House and keep a copy for reference.


Ensure relevant literature regarding visit to be made is available for the notice board at two meetings prior to visit being made.

Keep and update list of visits made, including dates, since inauguration in 2000.