Young Arts | THE ARTS SOCIETY WEYBRIDGE (formerly Weybridge Decorative & Fine Arts Society)


NADFAS Guidelines
Based on the premise that it is important for NADFAS societies to play a part in developing the appreciation of the Arts among the young, WADFAS could embrace one or more of the following three categories:

a. Establishing an independent local Young Arts group.

b. Working in co-ordination with local schools to enhance their curricular Arts activities.   NOTE Where an artist is recruited for an activity within a school, the school must first confirm the artist has been checked by the CRB (Criminal Records Bureau).

c. Sponsoring an education Arts activity in museums, galleries, theatres or places of historic interest.   NOTE The attached insurance details from NADFAS annual insurance cover should be followed when organising any activity of this kind.
Young Arts can encompass music and craft days and drama workshops as well as specifically the decorative and fine arts elements of the Arts.

Current WDFAS Agreed Guidelines
As of 2002, WDFAS has chosen to support Section (b) of the above and has worked with a local school to promote artistic endeavour in the curriculum - either with an artist in residence or visiting lecturer or other stimulus to artistic activities for the pupils.


a. The Committee decides in January which school to support for the coming year and confirms the amount of financial support.  An approach may already have been made from a school.

b. The Young Arts Organiser identifies and makes contact with the chosen school's Art Co-ordinator and arranges a meeting to discuss possibilities for financial support for developing the pupils' creative abilities and artistic awareness in a specific area of the curriculum.

c. The Young Arts Organiser than brings suggestions to the Committee for approval and continues to liaise with the school and, if possible, attends during a session of the sponsored activity. In addition ways are explored by which WDFAS members can be shown the results of the society's involvement.   NOTE Permission of parents of pupils must be obtained before taking their photographs and displaying them or reproducing them.

The Young Arts Organiser is expected to attend local Area Meetings and to report back to the Area Representative on an annual basis.

Revised January 2010